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History of the Pensacola Beach Pier

History of Pensacola Beach Pier
Pensacola Beach Pier & Casino

History of Pensacola Beach Pier

The Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier is located in the Gulf of Mexico on Casino Beach. The Pensacola Beach Pier is a Pensacola Florida icon. The original pier was constructed back in the 1930s and is still around some 80 plus years later.

The original construction of the Pensacola Beach Pier was constructed of wood and offered a restaurant that was famous for its fish sandwiches and bait and tackle shop. 

Hurricanes Affecting the Pensacola Beach Pier

Hurricanes Opal in 1995 a category 4 and Hurricane Erin also in 1995 did some major damage to the wooden pier. 

Rebuilding the Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier

So the Santa Rosa Island Authority decided in 1998 to build a new Pensacola Beach Pier that would be wider and constructed with concrete pilings. The pier today is constructed so that the big waves from a hurricane will have less impact on it by making the slats breakaways. This way there will be less pressure on the base structure of the pier during a storm and allowing post-storm repair faster and more affordable.

Longest Pier in the Gulf of Mexico

Until 2009 when the Navarre Beach Pier was built called the Gulf Shore State Park Pier the Pensacola Beach Pier was the longest in the Gulf of Mexico, measuring a whopping 1,471 feet.

The Pensacola Beach Pier Today

The pier now has a new bait and tackle shop, restaurant and a gift shop. Making it a great place for the whole family to visit. 

Links below are some fun things to enjoy at the Pensacola Beach Pier

Casino Bar and Grill 

Innerlight Surf Shop

Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier

Pensacola Beach Pier Today

Pensacola is Proud of its Pier History

With all the amazing history behind the Pensacola Beach Pier, she still stands proud today for all to enjoy.  Pensacola visitors and locals alike will find it an amazing place to visit and a must-see when coming to visit and enjoy Pensacola.

Here is some more information on the Pensacola Beach Pier.

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